Expect Outstanding Results!

  • ALL OF YOUR STUDENTS who are expected to move into higher levels of math CAN LEARN MATH FACTS TO AUTOMATICITY (instantly without hesitation).
  • When Rocket Math is taught with fidelity to the curriculum, students learn one operation of facts to automaticity per semester.
  • Students who have mastered math facts show marked improvement in higher order math algorithms including fractions, word problems, long division, multi-digit multiplication and a host of other areas.
  • Even pre-algebra and algebra students find coursework much easier when they successfully complete Rocket Math to learn math facts to automaticity.
  • TALK TO YOUR COLLEAGUES!  Word-of-mouth recommendations from teachers who have experienced successful student outcomes with Rocket Math are responsible for the widespread use of the curriculum throughout North America.

Research Base

View PDF: Math Facts research base–all

View PDF: How fast is fast enough to be automatic? 

View PDF: The third stage of Learning Math Facts: Automaticity

Studies of Rocket Math

Researchers!  I would like to support your efforts.  To enable a research study contact me and I’ll get you a free subscription to Rocket Math or free access to the Rocket Math Apps. -Dr. Don

Rave, K. & Golightly, A. F. (2014) The effectiveness of the rocket math program for improving basic multiplication fact fluency in fifth grade students: a case study. Education, v134 n4 p537-547 Sum 2014

Smith, C. R., Marchand-Martella, N. E., & Martella, R. C. (2011). Assessing the Effects of the Rocket Math Program with a Primary Elementary School Student At Risk for School Failure: A Case Study. Education and Treatment of Children, 34(2), 247-258

D.J. Traylor (2012). “Mastery of Basic Multiplication Facts for Students With Learning Disabilities,” unpublished paper for Dr. Mary Scarlato at Western Oregon University.

Jane Traylor follow up student data on multiplication fact fluency

NOTE TO TEACHERS, SCHOOLS, DISTRICTS: While I am waiting for others to conduct and publish more research on Rocket Math, I make the following offer.

  • If you conduct research comparing Rocket Math to some other method of practicing math facts and share your results–I will refund half of the purchase price of the curriculum.
  • If you find some other method is more effective, I will refund 100% of your purchase price.

I am certain it is the best math facts practice curriculum available but I have to wait for researchers independent of me to confirm that fact.